Miniature World in Victoria BC


Victoria has plenty to see for all members of the family, museums, art galleries, gardens, churches… Miniature World is a category all on its own. Located at 649 Humboldt St., Miniature World is just around the corner from Victoria’s most famous Fairmont Empress Hotel. A Victoria attraction for over 40 years, it has over 80 displays depicting various events in history, doll houses, scenes from old story books and even a peek into Space 2201.

Some displays have buttons that highlight a section, or make characters or objects move. The attention to detail in facial expressions, costumes, ground cover, cobble stones, wood and brick buildings, individual shingles on a roof and lighting effects, leaves you full of awe. Not all displays are historically accurate. A First Nations display incorrectly depicts babies with boards attached to their foreheads to flatten them. None of the “Canadian” First Nations people of the West Coast practised head flattening, although some groups in the United States in Montana were known as Flatheads. A beautiful historic doll house has all the inhabitants in period costume inside the house, but outside on the front lawn a couple saying farewell are in much more modern dress. Nevertheless there is a quaintness about this world of smallness. Some of my favourites were the Great Canadian Railway of 1885, the Olde London Towne of 1670 and the incredible details of Circus World.

The complete tour takes about an hour. The prices are reasonable and there is a family rate too. So if you want to get out of the summer heat or get away from the rain, Miniature World is worth a peek.

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