Origin’s Bakery in Victoria

Recently, I have been experimenting with a Gluten-Free diet, mainly out of curiosity, just to see how I feel. However, the does mean that I can’t visit all my favorite bakeries as much as I’d love to.

As I am currently staying in Victoria I was pointed in the direction of Origin’s Bakery, 1525 Pandora Ave. “Specializing in Gluten Free.” Apparently it is rather popular on the island. I went in around 4:00 in the afternoon and right away I could tell they’d had a good day of sales. There were obvious gaps on shelves where baked goods had been earlier day and bought by hungry consumers. They had some cookies, bread, muffins and a variety of deserts left. I got a little of everything, peach muffins, ginger cookies, loaf of bread, almond cake and carrot cupcakes. And while that was all well and good, the total came to about fifty-six dollars. Figures. Although, to make up for the high price the food was amazing. It tasted exactly as if they were normally baked items which was nice. So, if you are somebody who does or wants to take gluten out of their diet this is a good place to go as long as you don’t mind the higher price range.

More info: www.originbakery.com

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