Possible Victoria breakfast spots with Willy’s as the Winner


So … you don’t want to eat breakfast at your Victoria hotel, and you want an authentic experience but, you’ve slept in a bit to enjoy the 11 AM checkout, and you realize (now that you have checked out of the hotel) that you are hungry.

After a few internet searches, you decide to narrow our choices to these only because they are within driving distance of downtown and are not brand name places and had a website.

Jam Cafe
542 Herald Street

Shine Cafe

1548 Fort Street

Blue Fox Cafe
919 Fort Street

John’s Place
723 Pandora Ave

Floyd’s Diner
866 Yates Street

554 Pandora Avenue

Willie’s Bakery & Cafe
537 Johnson Street

The process of elimination was based on two factors. No line up and we could actually find it. (Despite mapping technology, we’re not that bright.)

You will not be disappointed by Willie’s. The traditional breakfast said maple bacon and they meant it. When my daughter ordered a full stack of pancakes, they warned her about the size and she said, as most teens would “no problem” but soon regretted it. Of course, not as much as her father who felt compelled to eat one of the pancakes as well as his own breakfast. Oooooch.

The location is in an old part of the downtown with narrow brick buildings. Wille’s own historic claim to fame is being British Columbia’s first bakery in 1887.

Their other claim to fame is that the author was not hungry again for a long time.

Willie's Bakery & Cafe

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