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By the time you read this, you will most likely be out of luck for seeing the 3rd Floor of the BC Museum the way it’s depicted below.  I thought I’d heard of this news during 2021, but a relative of mine pointed out that we had scant days to see the First Peoples displays and the very popular Old Town replica with presentations on the logging and fishery industries as well as Captain George Vancouver’s ship Discovery.

The article below gives the broad strokes of the plan.

Royal BC Museum Closing Third Floor

However, the plan is not without controversy.  The relation who pointed out that the changes were coming has family heirlooms in the museum, specifically her grandfather’s fly fishing equipment from the early days of his surveying work in the Province.  (I still marvel that I know someone whose belongings from a Victoria basement ended up in the BC Museum.)

Regardless, we get to watch the process of including many voices in the refurbishment.  Detractors of the change to the museum feel that this will erase their history.  Indigenous people hope that their lived experience will be better represented.  All the other groups who’ve moved to Canada since original colonization hope the same thing.

Keep an eye on changes here:

The 2nd floor remains open and has the cool, iconic, mammoth recreation.

Enjoy the photo collection.

I’ve thought this was real for decades
Part of the First Peoples display that needs more input from First Nations people
The start of the beloved Old Towne
Recreation of Captain Vancouver’s ship
Captain Vancouver’s thinking place
The cabinet of the relative’s fishing gear
Old Towne decked out for the Holidays
See anything you used to have?

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