Sidney BC’s Haunted Bookshop

Sidney BC is the last outpost of civilization before getting on the ferry to Vancouver where we all know there is too much Lululemon and not enough serious British-ness.

The proof of this is The Haunted Bookshop at 9808 Third Street in Sidney.

My wife wanted to visit the shop because it’s the only place where she could find Noddy books by Enid Blyton. I have a policy that I can’t go into bookstores because I have a pile of unread tomes beside the bed which are gathering dust. However in this case it was either that or stay in the car.

The tidy antiquarian nature of this shop stops you cold.

The antique books in Czech made me wonder how those made it to Vancouver Island and the “Suede bound/Indian paper ‘Britannica’ in its original mahogany case” made me wonder.

There were carefully preserved first edition Hardy Boys on a top shelf. The history books, including regimental history books, were many and varied.

So plan to spend an hour or two and make sure you don’t miss your ferry!

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