The Best Ice Cream on the Island!

In September 2000, Judy began ice cream production, and in the short time since then her product line has grown to include 16 different flavours of ice cream and five flavours of sorbets. More flavours are also in development. All of the ice cream and sorbet recipes have been developed exclusively by Judy and are all-natural – you won’t find any preservatives, additives, or artificial colours or flavours in her recipes!

As much as possible, Judy uses local ingredients in the production of the ice cream and sorbets. And of course, only the finest ingredients are used. If they aren’t available, production is simply put on hold until the ingredient is available again. Judy doesn’t believe in compromising taste and quality by just for the sake of getting the product made.

All the fruit used in the products is purchased locally and prepared in season. The fruit is frozen in quantities to last the year, but if it happens to run out then that flavour is unavailable until it is in season again.

As for the “goodies” that go into the ice cream, Judy makes most of them herself. For example, the fudge that goes into the Chocolate Fudge Crunch is made by Judy in order to maintain its all-naturalness and quality. Judy also makes her own pralines, and the chunks of maple walnut candy in the Pure Maple & Walnut are made with pure maple syrup. As well, Judy only uses fresh ginger, not the candied variety.

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