Brittania Mine Museum, Brittania Beach

If you’ve ever been to Whistler by car, you have zoomed past the Brittania Mine Museum. During our spring break up to Whistler, we decided to add a 75 minute stop to tour the BMM. We were glad we did. It’s a national historic site and museum so it’s loaded with history and points of interest for all ages. We took the underground train tour and found it very informative. It gave us a flavour for what life was like for the miners who did such risky work. Our 7 year old was chosen to be a shovel wielding ‘mucker’ by the tour guide. Who knew that nestled on our coastal highway route, once stood the biggest copper mine in the British Empire?! After the tour, you can walk the grounds, gold pan and explore the museum displays.

Worth the stop to grab a bit of BC history on your way up to ski.

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