Four Lakes Trail – Alice Lake Provincial Park

Many years ago, we bought a book called 109 Walks. It’s one of those books you pull off the shelve every now and then to be ambitious when you are a city slug in a pandemic wanting to feel less locked in. The walking team picked Four Lakes Trail at Alice Lake Provincial Park.

They set out from Vancouver and took the Upper Levels Highway (99) and drove about 12 km past Squamish to Alice Lake Road. At the Park it turned out the parking closer to the HQ was full, but there were lots right near Alice Lake itself where people could rent paddle boats and such.

The book says 2 hours for the walk, but allow 3 if you want to picnic and enjoy the scenes. The first third of trail was fairly breath-y. Past Stump Lake, you will reach Cheekye River and a wonderful view. Further along at Fawn Lake, during a picnic, a very charming Steller’s Jay – looking like an immature one – hung out trying to mooch some lunch. It’s a bad idea to feed birds. In this case, this species enjoys seeds, mealworms, fruits, and peanuts.

It’s best to simply look at all the pictures in the gallery. This walk is a good day trip not requiring special equipment. However, always tell someone your plan before leaving and estimated time. More tips here:

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