Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls Provincial Park is a favourite spot of mine in BC because it allows you to enjoy the stunning scenery without much effort.  Of course old aphorisms stating the journey is more important than the destination were composed by people who never sat beside a chain smoker in withdrawal on a 12 hour flight from London to Cape Town or hiked up a BC mountain with bad knees.

Regardless, Shannon Falls is 335 m (1105 ft.) of wonder.  When you pull into the parking lot, if it’s a beautiful day, it will likely be full.  There was no signage that I could discern to tell you that across the road is additional parking.  There’s a nice street light to control traffic, but when you are walking across, be careful because the cars do hurtle down Highway 99.  The park is 10 km south of downtown Squamish, which in turn is 65 km from downtown Vancouver.

Once you are in the park, take the little loop around to the falls.  Literally you can’t miss them.  Listen for the sound of running water.  Bring a camera.

As you head back down to the parking lot, take a moment to clamber over some rocks and just touch the cold refreshing water that drains into Fitzsimmons Creek.

There’s a cute souvenir shop near the washrooms with the usual kitsch and ice cream snacks of questionable nutritional value.

There are other trails that take you up to the top, but make sure to plan for the effort.  One reference site I found recommended four hours for the return trip.  The official BC Parks site does not reference this at all.

So for me, I am content to stay on the ground looking up at the 3rd tallest falls in British Columbia and be awed by nature.

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