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BC Ferries

BC Ferries is a crown corporation that is charge of running the ferry system in British Columbia. Many British Columbians are not sure why. In the same way Torontonians complain about the 401, BC residents love to complain about the ferries. This may be because of continuous fare increases and schedule reductions. For example, a car and drive pays $67 one-way from Tsawwassen – Swartz Bay and in 2008 it was $56. (Source Despite the cost, any of these ferry rides is a beautiful scenic trip. Most visitors to BC are likely to use either Tsawwassen or Horseshoe Bay, […]

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5 Travel Tips for Powell River

Desolation Resort is near Powell River and Lund on the Sunshine Coast and shares these five top tips for the Powell River area. If you go to Lund, go to Savary Island too. Its white sand beaches and warm waters are sure to attract the whole family. Relax on the beach! Lund Water Taxi departs on the hour. It’s a short trip and well worth it. A few excellent restaurants are nearby. Dining in Lund is a unique experience with incredible views. Wine and dine and behold the sunset! Kayak adventures are plentifully available in Okeover and Lund with Terra […]

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Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures

Can’t believe how long it’s been since our last blog. We continue to be one of the few authentic wilderness retreats on the Vancouver lower mainland and accordingly offer many opportunities to enjoy unspoiled nature. For example, get a fire going in the “Oyster Shack” on the beach,walk a few meters down the beach, pick a few oysters, mussels or dig a few clams, pour a glass of wine, mix your favorite sauces and ENJOY! Last season we hosted ” offshore guests” who commented that it would be much more convenient if meals were provided. This season we are offering […]

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Sprockids Mountain Bike Park

Sprockids Mountain Bike Park is a special place. Last year it celebrated its 20th anniversary sharing our amazing forests with kids through the love of mountain biking. Teaching kids to ride safely with family and friends in a sanctioned park with educational components. This system is now used across Canada. Here it is 2km from my front door and I place where I love to hike. Capilano University’s Mountain Bike Operations students have built a number of trails over the past few years as part of their coursework applications. Recently, students organized a workday to install over 30 signs throughout […]

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Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures Season Opening

Wow!! Two summers and one winter ahead of us. Great thought. Visited our lodge in Narrows Inlet on Feb 23 and what a gorgeous day. We were greeted at our docks by many seals basking in the sun. Salmonberries, wild crabapple starting to bud and not a ripple on the water. We enjoyed the first “daytime low tide” of the year and picked a few oysters and mussels for a great lunch. We plan to open earlier this season, possibly Easter weekend. Several years ago we discontinued small boat rentals for guests who wished to fish. Fish populations seemed to […]

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British Columbia: An Unlikely SCUBA Diving Paradise

If you are like most divers, then you probably dream about tropical blue waters with an abundance of colorful fish and a rainbow of corals. Traveling north to British Columbia for the express purpose of SCUBA diving might seem a little odd at first, but once you find out more about the wonders that await beneath the clear, cool waters that surround the province’s coastline, you will probably find yourself feeling a bit anxious to get started. Incredible Marine Life While marine life in many cool water environments tends toward green and brown shades with an occasional flash of color, […]

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Egmont Heritage Centre

Across the road from the entrance to Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park, which is on Egmont Road, you will find the Egmont Heritage Centre.  It’s a small museum with artefacts from Egmont’s pioneer and 20th century past. What’s refreshing about the museum is that it’s not so fancy that you can’t get up close to things.  For kids, they can play with old phones — dialling is a novel activity.   A lot of Egmont’s history is connected to Portuguese Joe, also known as Joe Silvey.  His rather busy life — which included whaling in the Azores, two wives, many children […]

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Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park

Located near Egmont on the Sunshine Coast, this is an unusual Provincial Park for a number of reasons.  When you think “park” one often thinks of nice spots to have a picnic or enjoy a view.  The view at the end of the trail is the ultimate purpose of the park. Visitor Centres and your accommodations will have a tide chart for Skookumchuck Narrows.  Plan to arrive shortly before the tide ebbs or floods or you won’t receive the full reward for taking the trail. The Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park’s parking lot is off Egmont Road, about 6 km (4 […]

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The Three Reasons to Visit Roberts Creek BC

Roberts Creek is smaller than you might think, but if you are running up and down the Sunshine Coast Highway, make sure to head toward the water along Roberts Creek Road. The key reasons are: 1. The Shops are quite quaint as is the architecture.  There’s a lost Hippy feeling to it that is unique. The stores include a General Store and a children’s clothing shop. 2.  The Beach.  At the end of Roberts Creek Road is a tiny parking lot (brace yourself for disappointment at finding a spot on a sunny day) where you can park and walk down […]

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Cliff Gilker Park in Roberts Creek

Cliff Gilker Park is the easiest of three walks we did on our Sunshine Coast vacation.  The problem for us was a three-year-old.  He was keen to walk his little legs off, but with roots and ups an downs, we were worried. Before I get too far into the details, Cliff Gilker Park, is at 3110 Sunshine Coast Highway near the Roberts Creek Road intersection.  The access to the park is on the east side of Hwy 101.  We took the upper parking lot.  At the same location were swings, a baseball diamond and well kept bathrooms. The key reason […]

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