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The pulp and paper industry has always been the economic backbone of Powell River. Today, NorskeCanada Ltd. is the major employer in the area. The original pulp and paper company town site was built as a garden community of Westcoast Craftsman style homes and institutional buildings, dating from 1910 to 1930. Tours are available of his unique historic area. The Powell River Museum and Archives traces the region's history. The Powell River Forestry Museum showcases the equipment and history of the early logging era.

The harbour of this historic town site is surrounded by the Hulks, a breakwater made from 10 cement ships that were Second World War merchant marine vessels. It is the world's largest floating breakwater.

The area around Powell River provides a range of facilities and services for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain climbing, hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, charters for salt and fresh-water cruising or fishing, kayaking, hunting, scuba diving, sailing, photography and water skiing are all possible. There are also good facilities for golfing, curling and many indoor sports at the Recreation Centre.

The Powell Forest Canoe Route gives kayak and canoe enthusiasts a 90 km (55.5 mi.) route through well-maintained portages, waterways and forest reserves. Powell River has also been called the "Dive Capital of Canada" and there are more than 100 regional dive sites where an array of marine life including octopi and wolf eels, are visible.

Powell River includes the older communities of Cranberry and Wildwood which date back to the early 1900s. Animal farming, forestry and agriculture were the original industries in the area. Cranberry district was subdivided in 1912 and returning veterans of World War I were given lots for $1.

Cranberry Lake is home to millions of water lilies and is a favourite with naturalists.

Wildwood was settled by pioneers who homesteaded that area through land grants given to those who waited 40 days and 40 nights in Vancouver to win the right to stake out their new homesteads in the wilderness. The first bridge into the area wasn't built until 1916.

Westview is the area where today's visitors congregate as it is here that there is an array of businesses and restaurants. Marine Avenue follows the waterfront along Powell River and there are many attractive shops in this area. In August the annual Blackberrry Festival is held to coincide with the ripening of the blackberries.

Willingdon Beach Municipal Park and campsite are a popular family destination in the summer.

Visitors traveling to Vancouver Island can catch the ferry to Comox or detour to Texada Island aboard a smaller ferry.

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