Warmest Lake in BC


Known as the warmest and cleanest lake in BC, Christina Lake should be one of the must sees in British Columbia.  It is a very popular summer destination.  I would suggest booking your stay several months in advance for the mid-July to mid-August peak period.  There are several choices of accommodations: motels, campgrounds and rental cabins.  Several of the campgrounds and rental cabins offer beach front locations.  There are not as many campgrounds as there were 20 years ago.  Many have been converted to privately owned-permanent trailer or mobile home sites.  So if you are in a buying mood you might find something to meet your requirements.

Christina Lake is about 18 km long and 1.75 km at its widest point.  Approximately 90% of the public accommodations are surrounding the southern third of the lake.  About 70% of the lake shoreline is only accessible by boat.  Most of the private cabins in this region do not have power or running water.  If you have a boat and a tent you can access several unique public beach and camping areas along the west side of the lake (Ole Johnson site, Troy Creek, Parson Creek, Treadmill Creek, Axel Johnson and Starchuck Beach).  From these locations you can enjoy the quiet beach or go out onto the Lake to enjoy a myriad of water sports: waterskiing, wake boarding, tubing, cruising, etc.

If you are sitting on the beach at Christina Lake and you hear the rhythmic beat of drum, look for a dragon boat.  There is a local ladies’ team that practices on Tuesdays and Saturday.  They are quite impressive to watch: strength, coordination and determination speeding by your dock.

Summers at Christina Lake have been part of my family holiday experience since the mid 70s.  My parents brought me there and now I am bringing my children.  I hope to see them continue the tradition.  I have seen a lot of changes within the Christina Lake region however the lake has remained one of the best spots to enjoy summer activities in British Columbia.

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