Holiday Motel & RV Resort home to movie stars!


Editor’s Note: Perhaps the most famous film that used Hope BC as a setting is First Blood, the first of the Rambo films starring Sylvester Stallone. In 2011, a famous bridge that Rambo walked across, was taken down, 30 years after filming.

However, Hope has been the backdrop for other films located at Holiday Motel & RV Resort. The new proprietor of the resort wrote this installment.

One movie, filmed in 1995, is titled Far From Home which is about friendship and survival of a teenage boy and his dog. John adopts a stray dog and names him ‘Yellow’. Both are on a boat trip with the boy’s parents to Vancouver Island, and accidentally get caught in a storm, and the boy and dog stranded in an island away from the parents. They work hard to survive and go home fighting against hunger and vicious animals like bears and wolves. Finally they are able to catch the rescue team, and go home safe.

The boy was played by Jesse Bradford who has also acted in Bring It On. He is from Connecticut, but his younger brother role was taken by a boy from Chilliwack. The director of the movie was Phillip Borsos who was born in Australia, but graduated from Vancouver Filming Art School. The movie Far From Home was his last movie, because he died of leukemia in 1995 after shooting the movie.

When shooting the movie, all the production staff including the actors and actresses stayed in the motel for about 2 weeks. They took few scenes in the forest and the cave in the motel property. If you see the movie, you will notice the rocks and trees and the pathway through the forest where they did shoot those scenes.

The second movie is titled Hope Springs which was filmed in 2003. Colin, a British artist comes to a small town to forget his ex-fianc

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