Cuckoo Trattoria and Pizzeria


You know those classy Italian restaurants that have great food and it’s tough to secure a reservation?

I do, but honestly what is one doing in Coombs, BC? This tiny town is 10 minutes west of Parksville along highway 4A, also known as the Alberni Highway. This is not the big city!

The Cuckoo Trattoria and Pizzeria is a large space with a lot of outdoor seating that looks over the woods that are behind the Goats on the Roof shopping destination.

We were connecting with family and friends and others negotiated the reservation and we sat at the Mexican food truck place beside it and enjoyed a Corona.

Once inside there was a lot to choose from and I took a gamble on Spaghetti and meatballs. This dish has a habit elsewhere of being lame, but honestly, I can’t think of better. The vegetarians have pasta primavera and pasta with pesto and there were leftovers.

So, it’s worth the drive and worth a reservation. For more information see:

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