Emergency Restaurant List for Vancouver

I received a call for non traditional, non chain restaurant recommendations in Vancouver. The audience is a newlywed couple wanting to be a little different. Since I have children, and have seen more grilled cheese sandwiches than I like, I reached out to a foodie friend. Here’s what he said:

If you can get reservations … Kissa Tanto in Chinatown (Japanese/Italian). It sounds weird, but it works. Depending on how big their appetites are, you may need to order a few more dishes than you think.
Distance from downtown: 2.5 km

Les Faux Bourgeois -French, in the Kingsway/Fraser Street area. Faux means “fake” or “false” in English. I find that funny.
Distance from downtown: 4.5 km

Chambar, Belgian. always a good meal
Distance from downtown: 1.0 km

L’Abattoir, Pacific Northwest menu with a French touch. In Gastown. You’d think it would be a steak joint with a name that translates from the French as “the slaughterhouse”.
Distance from downtown: 1.6 km

La Quercia, Italian. In the west part of Kitsilano.
Distance from downtown: 5.8 km

Vij’s – Indian. Cambie and 16th
Distance from downtown: 3.6 km

Campagnolo – Italian on Main Street
Distance from downtown: 2.3 km

Royal Dinette – “farm to table”
Distance from downtown: 0 km

Sophie’s Cosmic Café – Diner with retro furnishings.

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