Nero Belgian Waffle Bar Vancouver


After a short stay at the Sheraton Wall Centre, it was time to go home and I promised my kids breakfast. However, the hotel breakfast was too complicated and too expensive for my children’s tastes and my wallet.

So my tech savvy iPhone addicted older child looked for breakfast places near Burrard and Nelson. It was a bit further than I wanted to limp, but we arrived at the Nero Belgian Waffle Bar at 1002 Seymour St. It’s not that big inside, but they use the outside space well with effective heaters to offset the chill of an October morning.

I had the “Heaven” waffle and substituted old fashioned maple syrup for the mint coulis because I’m way too boring and old fashioned. It was very good.

My 9-year-old has the “Speculoos” ice cream waffle and said “it was the best waffle I’ve ever had.”

You decide for yourself! More info:

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