Beacon Hill Park and its Petting Zoo


I had a free afternoon on a trip to Victoria BC and I was in possession of a restless four-year-old.  The four walls of the hotel room were not conducive to joy and gladness so we made our way to Beacon Hill Park.

Beacon Hill Park is located in downtown Victoria and is bordered by Douglas Street to the west and Cook St to the east.  It ends at Dallas Road, but if you cross the road, you will see some amazing ocean scenery.

There’s a perfectly fine playground in Beacon Hill Park where my child could climb and play with others.  It took a bit of convincing, but he eventually let me take him to the Petting Zoo.  Technically, it’s called Beacon Hill Children’s Farm.

Regardless, it’s a lovely set up.  There are lots of chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, rabbits, guinea pigs, actual pigs, miniature donkeys, miniature horses and more.  

There’s a spot where you pass through a gate and you can pet and brush goats.  My son was not entirely sure that was such a good idea, but was soon shown how.  It was June and there were a number of very pregnant goats.  In a tiny barn area, volunteers were looking after recent arrivals.  A set of goat kids had a sign above them saying they were born the day before.  It’s not often that one has the opportunity to say “What … were you born yesterday?” and have it be literally true.  The kids (fuzzy ones, not the human ones) were extremely mobile and adapting to being outside the womb incredibly fast.  It’s moments like that that make you wonder how humans survived at all.  Another momma goat was imminently about to give birth.  This I inferred from what I overheard from the volunteers and from the look on their faces.  It was at that point I directed my son out of the barn.  There are just some details of a farmyard that are best deferred.

Admission is by donation and they suggest Adults $3.50 and Children $2.50.

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