Stickleback West Coast Eatery in Sooke


It was snowing in Sooke on this mid-March day and was not conducive to vacationing, which is what my wife, I and our two children were trying to do. (This Spring Break felt more like Winter Break.) We arrived, checked in to the hotel and then had the usual eventual question: what about dinner?

Our search for dining options in Sooke became a bit comic. Our first random choice of a pizza place turned out to be take-out only. The recommended grill across the street was closed for a private function. The third option taken from the 2011 local guide no longer had signage of any sort. As we progressed in the general direction of Victoria, the local guide suggested Stickleback and at the moment my wife figured out we were close, I saw the sign on the south side of the road and swooped into the parking lot.

For the record Stickleback West Coast Eatery is here: 5449 Sooke Road, Sooke, BC V9Z 0C8

With three false starts, we were wondering if the place were somehow indisposed, but we were pleased to find an open, quiet but not dead, restaurant with a terrific view. (Make sure to check out the gallery.)

With children and vegetarians in our party, we always worry about the menu, but Stickleback had the great combination of a kids’ menu (with crayons) and a variety of vegetarian options. At the time of writing, they were updating their menu. I very much enjoyed the Coast to Coast Chowder. I then took on (and lost) a battle with an Australian Burger (think burger plus fried egg plus garlic aioli). My wife, who was stuck with a little boy’s leftover spaghetti, enjoyed the simple tomato sauce.

Stickleback has on its website an offer to drive you to and from your hotel. The wine list is worth trying more than one glass so to avoid trouble, I suggest using this option.

The staff were all very friendly and professional.

For more information check out Stickleback West Coast Eatery’s website.

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