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History, Mystery and Hot Springs Caves abound in Ainsworth Hot Springs
You don't come to Ainsworth Hot Springs for shopping, you come for the Hot Springs and the peace and quiet.


Come take a dip in the odorless hot springs and savour the beauty of the Purcell Mountains!

Ainsworth Hot Springs BC is located in the BC Rockies in the heart of the West the Kootenays.

Ainsworth is a popular tourist destination. First Nations people fished and lived in this area for centuries prior to the townsite being created by George Ainsworth in 1882. His interest was in the development of the silver, lead and zinc deposits in the area.

When the mines were declining in the 1920s it was decided to develop the hot springs pool and caves as a resort attraction.

Ainsworth accommodations include the resort and bed and breakfasts.

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Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort Hotel Ainsworth Hot Springs Highway 31
Ainsworth Motel Hotel Ainsworth Hot Springs 3595 Highway 31
Ainsworth Springs Guest House Hotel Ainsworth Hot Springs 3620 Highway 31
Woodbury Resort & Marina Hotel Ainsworth Hot Springs 4112 Highway 31

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