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Toby’s North Shore – Pub & Grill

It’s not often that I’m on the North Shore at brunch time, especially on my own. But an odd set of circumstances allowed me a solo brunch and I was not willing to put up with Tim Hortons (found in the same plaza.) On the stretch of Main Street North Vancouver that heads to the Second Narrows Bridge on the north side is a mall with Canadian Tire and other shops, but Toby’s was the only restaurant/pub in the plaza. It was quiet on a Saturday at 11:30. It’s a family oriented (a child’s birthday party with adults was on) […]

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Park & Tilford Gardens

At 333 Brooksbank Avenue in North Vancouver lies Park and Tilford Shopping centre. In a quiet corner of that shopping centre is this absolute gem. Opened in 1969 by the CEO of Park and Tilford Distilleries as a gift to the people of North Vancouver it is now entirely maintained by private business and citizens. And it is beloved. It may be easy to overlook if you’re dropping the kids off at the movie theatre or grocery shopping at Save-On-Foods but if you’re up in this part of North Vancouver or keen to go for a drive, it is definitely […]

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Deep Cove, the jewel of North Vancouver

Deep Cove is technically in the District of North Vancouver, but don’t tell any locals that. Deep Cove has the feel of a small village at the end of the road. In this case, the road is Dollarton Highway, which is slightly east of the Second Narrows Bridge as it leads into North Vancouver. You follow the highway until you can go no further. The village has a series of shops, bistros, ice cream Parlours and so forth. The real reason for going is Panorama Park, which is not naming hyperbole. The view onto Indian Arm is spectacular. From there […]

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you talk to people living in the Lower Mainland — what we call Vancouver and its adjoining cities — they will often say “I always wanted to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge.” This historic North Vancouver tourist site is worth the visit, but in my opinion should be followed up with a local walk to see similar terrain outside a contained park environment. The reason for my first visit ever, despite being a 25 year veteran of Vancouver, was a school grad trip that I was helping to organize. For such an event, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park actually works […]

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Capilano Suspension Bridge

This North Vancouver tourist attraction is well advertised, but is deserved. Capilano Suspension bridge also provides an excellent, comprehensive and well-presented explanatory material about temperate rain forest ecology — as well as a spectacular suspension bridge above the Capilano River, a canopy walk taking you high up onto the trunks of large ancient trees, and a vertigo-inducing cliffside walk on suspended glass walkways. Great for introducing out of town guests to the forest. Plus a single admission can be upgraded to a year long membership for no additional charge. For more information

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Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain

If you love skiing you probably think of gliding down on the white stuff when anyone mentions a mountain! For me, who is not a skier by the way, I think of hikes and fabulous views, and Vancouver‘s Grouse Mountain is somewhere that offers these in abundance, plus there is of course an alpine ski area here too! One of the reasons why Vancouver is such a popular place is its setting; surrounded by mountains and water this really is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. You’ll find Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, that is, across the Burrard Inlet […]

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British Columbia: An Unlikely SCUBA Diving Paradise

If you are like most divers, then you probably dream about tropical blue waters with an abundance of colorful fish and a rainbow of corals. Traveling north to British Columbia for the express purpose of SCUBA diving might seem a little odd at first, but once you find out more about the wonders that await beneath the clear, cool waters that surround the province’s coastline, you will probably find yourself feeling a bit anxious to get started. Incredible Marine Life While marine life in many cool water environments tends toward green and brown shades with an occasional flash of color, […]

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British Columbia’s Totem Poles Bring History to Life

Magnificent sculptures, normally carved from Western Red Cedar trees by people indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, Totem Poles depict a variety of images which often evoke legends, commemorative stories, cultural beliefs, or shamanic powers. There are many different types of totem poles with variants that range from mortuary structures that contain grave boxes to simple pieces which artists have used as canvases for self-expression. There are many places in BC where you can view different types of totem poles – let’s take a look at some of the most popular. The Museum of Anthropology at UBC Founded in 1947, this […]

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Emergency List: 10 Restaurants In Vancouver That Won’t Go Wrong

So you’re stuck for ideas of where to eat in Vancouver.  There are many choices, but you might be wanting to impress a lady or man or boss or co-workers with your intimate knowledge of Vancouver. Perhaps you’re hopelessly stumped because you don’t want to do the same old same old. Here’s the list.  In no order with no attempt to rate anything because it’s up to you to decide what works for your situation. 1.  Hamilton Street Grill.  This is a Yaletown steakhouse plus more.  Owner Neil is always attentive as are his staff.  Ask if he’s still […]

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Lighthouse Park Day Trip

For those of you who really love nature and natural places there is a ideal location to visit only minutes out of downtown Vancouver, and it isn’t Stanley Park.  Just over the Lion’s Gate Bridge and a bit west is Lighthouse Park; a place where the old trees still stand tall.  Lighthouse Park isn’t very large but it is packed with interest for nature lovers and people who love the great outdoors. Trip Advice: If the day is sunny and nice try the bus (Route 250, goes over the Lion’s Gate Bridge which is a thrill on its own), as […]

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