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Parks Board Concession Stand at Sunset Beach

In Vancouver’s West End one of the beach concession stands is considered to have the best burger in town because burgers are grilled fresh to order with all the trimmings, reasonably priced (at least compared to neighbourhood restaurants). Only available in summer, but it’s hard to beat sitting on the sand with a log at your back and good company, enjoying your burgers as the sun sinks towards the horizon, watching the passing sailboats and paddleboarders and various bits of family life unfolding on this relatively quiet neighbourhood beach.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge

This North Vancouver tourist attraction is well advertised, but is deserved. Capilano Suspension bridge also provides an excellent, comprehensive and well-presented explanatory material about temperate rain forest ecology — as well as a spectacular suspension bridge above the Capilano River, a canopy walk taking you high up onto the trunks of large ancient trees, and a vertigo-inducing cliffside walk on suspended glass walkways. Great for introducing out of town guests to the forest. Plus a single admission can be upgraded to a year long membership for no additional charge. For more information

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Deas Island Regional Park

About a 40-minute drive from downtown Vancouver is this lovely park on a small island in the Fraser Delta — good place to view boat traffic on the Fraser River. Metro Vancouver Parks have carried the torch for local nature programs for families for some years; Deas Island has a heritage farmhouse on site with a large bat colony in the attic, and during the summer park naturalists host lectures and guided walks on bats which culminate in watching the colony fly out of the house eaves en mass to hunt insects at dusk. The park is also the site […]

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