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Bon Sushi in Oak Bay, Victoria

In Victoria, in the Oak Bay neighbhourhood, there is a sushi restaurant called “Bon Sushi” on 1467 Hampshire Rd. I went for dinner with a few people and I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was one of those really hot summer days where nobody wants to cook so the restaurant was very full. However, we managed to get a table outside in a small amount of time which was very nice. The service was friendly and relatively quick. Since it was so hot outside, I was most definitely not in the mood for any hot […]

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Queen’s Park Victoria

Oak Bay in Victoria is a beautiful place with lots of lovely water views. There are many small parks along the vista, one of them being Queens Park. It is a small viewpoint with a piece of public artwork, a series of wolves and a deer made out of metal. And, although that was fun to look at, my favorite part of the park is it’s old swing. Now, I am not referring to some ordinary swing, this swing is built for four people and you push its floor with your feet for momentum. It’s quite calming and a lovely […]

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Origin’s Bakery in Victoria

Recently, I have been experimenting with a Gluten-Free diet, mainly out of curiosity, just to see how I feel. However, the does mean that I can’t visit all my favorite bakeries as much as I’d love to. As I am currently staying in Victoria I was pointed in the direction of Origin’s Bakery, 1525 Pandora Ave. “Specializing in Gluten Free.” Apparently it is rather popular on the island. I went in around 4:00 in the afternoon and right away I could tell they’d had a good day of sales. There were obvious gaps on shelves where baked goods had been […]

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Miniature World in Victoria BC

Victoria has plenty to see for all members of the family, museums, art galleries, gardens, churches… Miniature World is a category all on its own. Located at 649 Humboldt St., Miniature World is just around the corner from Victoria’s most famous Fairmont Empress Hotel. A Victoria attraction for over 40 years, it has over 80 displays depicting various events in history, doll houses, scenes from old story books and even a peek into Space 2201. Some displays have buttons that highlight a section, or make characters or objects move. The attention to detail in facial expressions, costumes, ground cover, cobble […]

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Noodle Box

A couple of months back I was sitting with some friends and we were discussing good food places to eat at because let’s face it, I am a food junkie. One of my friends said that they had just gotten a job at this place called Noodle Box. All that was going on in my head was Noodles…. Sounds amazing…. Where is this place and where can I get some? The following day I told my friend about it and we decided to go because it was five minutes away from my school. When we got there the place had […]

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Sidney BC’s Haunted Bookshop

Sidney BC is the last outpost of civilization before getting on the ferry to Vancouver where we all know there is too much Lululemon and not enough serious British-ness. The proof of this is The Haunted Bookshop at 9808 Third Street in Sidney. My wife wanted to visit the shop because it’s the only place where she could find Noddy books by Enid Blyton. I have a policy that I can’t go into bookstores because I have a pile of unread tomes beside the bed which are gathering dust. However in this case it was either that or stay in […]

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Possible Victoria breakfast spots with Willy’s as the Winner

So … you don’t want to eat breakfast at your Victoria hotel, and you want an authentic experience but, you’ve slept in a bit to enjoy the 11 AM checkout, and you realize (now that you have checked out of the hotel) that you are hungry. After a few internet searches, you decide to narrow our choices to these only because they are within driving distance of downtown and are not brand name places and had a website. Jam Cafe 542 Herald Street Shine Cafe 1548 Fort Street Blue Fox Cafe 919 Fort Street John’s Place […]

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Oswego Hotel Victoria

Hotel choices in Victoria can be a dilemma because to be downtown can lead you to tired hotels or the wildly overpriced. I’m a fan of the more boutique hotel option. As a result of a pleasant intersection of personal connection and chance my family had the opportunity to stay at the Oswego, which is a 1.5 block walk from Bellville Street, which leads you easily to the Inner Harbour and the BC Parliament buildings. We stayed on the top floor with stunning views, even on a grey day (see the photos) it’s a lovely view. You could really just […]

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Shopping on Fort Street

It’s a near tradition for our family to buy our discounted new calendars at Russell Books on Victoria‘s Fort Street shortly after New Year’s Day. Russell Books is unusual – it has every type of self-help book (Mindfulness for Dummies got me laughing) plus fiction and so forth. There are three floors, which are all only accessible from the outside. But there’s always a decent set of well-priced books. Fort St., running from Government to Cook streets, has an usual collection of shops. Antique Row is the 700 block where you can find treasures. However ‎right beside Russell’s is a […]

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“4C” – The Second Annual Comics Conference Victoria

If you are interested in learning about the art of Canadian Visual Storytelling, then check out the second annual Comics Conference, “4C”, Sunday April 6 2014 from noon until 5pm. 4C is a family friendly event that both kids and adults can enjoy, and with free admission it’s hard to go wrong. This day long event features several speakers who will be giving a talk on what visual storytelling is and how they use this medium to create great stories. The highlight of the conference is the “artist alley” where the 15 students graduating from the Comics and Graphic Novels […]

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