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The Lights Over English Bay

I got a chance to walk right under the robotic lights in Vanier Park three nights ago.  I was with my 8 and 2 year old children and we approached Vanier Park with the goal of answering the question “just where are these things?” The reaction to the 20 lights that were in continual movement was hugely positive from the kids.  There are ten search lights in the West End and 10 in Vanier Park.  Even on a rainy night they look great as the light makes the moisture in the air shimmer. When I got home I looked up […]

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5 Favourite Things To Do During the Winter Olympics

I got in trouble for my last entry on grumpy Vancouverites, so I thought I’d give some practical suggestions for visitors.   I imagine someone involved in the Winter Olympics might only have a day or so to play in the city.  So I tried to think of my five favourite things that Vancouver has to offer. 1.  Walk the Stanley Park Sea Wall.  It’ll take a couple of hours, but even in the rain, the vistas of both nature and man-made facilities are unique. 2.  Go to Hamilton Street Grill for a steak.  It’s at 1009 Hamilton Street in […]

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Ogopogo or too much wine?

In the last few days some mainstream newspapers have reported that a fellow named Dan Poppoff found an odd looking 1.2-metre-long carcass in June 2009 while kayaking Lake Okanagan, where Kelowna sits. Speculation is that this is Ogopogo, the lake monster that’s similar in both sightings and improbability of the Loch Ness Monster. OK, if he took a picture, why is it not in the hands of the press? I also frankly don’t believe the so-called native legends because I have the distinct feeling that any existing lore was skimpy (e.g. fairy tale stuff) and then, to annoy the […]

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Eagles in The City

Local and foreign news has been covering the birth of eagles in Sidney BC, on Vancouver Island, that has been on a live web cam provided by the Hancock Wildlife Foundation.  This is a remarkable way to watch bald eagles. In Vancouver, however, you don’t need to go further than Vanier Park, which is on the north side of English Bay and is right next to the Burrard Street Bridge.  It’s not exactly a peaceful in the summer down there.  The tree the birds nest in is close to where cars park when they come to the annual Shakespeare Festival, […]

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Driving Oddities in Vancouver

If you are from other parts of the world, or even other parts of Canada, you will find Vancouverites a strange bunch of drivers. When I first came to Vancouver I had inherited a set of aggressive driving tendencies from elsewhere in urban Canada. Therefore it came as a shock when trying to pressure Vancouver drivers to hurry up; it actually confused them and they slowed down.  There seems to be a certain disinterest in driving.  Clouds?  Imaginary friends?  I could not tell what was distracting Vancouver drivers.  With the advent of cell phones, the distraction became directly observable.  If […]

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A Long Vancouver Beach Walk

A lot of attention is paid to Vancouver‘s downtown, but just over the Burrard Street Bridge in the Kitsilano neighbourhood is a bike/walk that allows visitors and locals to enjoy beaches and views. The best place to start is at the corner of Cypress and Cornwall where the No. 22 bus, which goes to/from downtown, stops. Once there, head north on Cypress St. and walk by the homes and look for the big totem pole in front of the Marine Museum. You will see a walking path that heads west and then curves to the south. At this point you […]

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Lighthouse Park

The Lighthouse at on Point Atkinson was built in 1874 and its preservation left us a legacy of trails that take you to a spectacular view of the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound. As you take the marked circular route, watch for some of the largest Douglas Firs in the Lower Mainland and, of course, the lighthouse itself. If you walk past the lighthouse, you will encounter very rocky terrain which, with care, will lead you to the ocean and its views. Lighthouse Park is off Marine Drive in the western part of West Vancouver. Look for the small […]

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