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6 Must-see Things at the Vancouver Aquarium

It had been at least two years since I’d visited the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park and boy a lot has changed. For example, the whole entry point has been expanded with their gift shop being much bigger than I recall. It’s still a mandatory Vancouver attraction. With a young boy along, you quickly find out the things that are popular or cool and things that aren’t. 1. Discover Rays Touch Pool This is new exhibit and allows you to interact with cownose and southern stingrays. They didn’t have any interest in me. Maybe my magnetic field is too weak […]

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Vancouver Aquarium 2015

I don’t think anyone who’s been paying attention to the Vancouver news lately can go to the Vancouver Aquarium and not wonder about the conditions for the animals. However, if you’ve been going to the Aquarium for the last couple of decades you will have noticed a large shift from public amusement to animal rehabilitation. Last year there was a significant conflict with the Vancouver Parks Board about whales in captivity. In the end the Parks Board thought they were proposing a compromise by saying the whales could stay as long as they didn’t breed. This had a lot of […]

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Vancouver Aquarium

I actually took my daughter and two other children (a friend of my daughter’s and her toddler brother) to the Vancouver Aquarium about a week ago, during spring break.  I know, I know, friends and strangers alike were questioning my sanity, but it actually turned out well, and fun was had by all.  The key that made this venture bearable was the fact that we are all members of the Aquarium.  When we first arrived (which was within an hour of the opening), the line up was huge.  I initially thought we would have to find something else to do, […]

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