Tag: Wildlife Viewing

Eagles in The City

Local and foreign news has been covering the birth of eagles in Sidney BC, on Vancouver Island, that has been on a live web cam provided by the Hancock Wildlife Foundation.  This is a remarkable way to watch bald eagles. In Vancouver, however, you don’t need to go further than Vanier Park, which is on the north side of English Bay and is right next to the Burrard Street Bridge.  It’s not exactly a peaceful in the summer down there.  The tree the birds nest in is close to where cars park when they come to the annual Shakespeare Festival, […]

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Walking or Riding the The Spit at Iona Beach

Want to get out of Vancouver but avoid that long congested drive to go anywhere?  Since spring is almost here I am giving you another quick get away that involves you riding or walking: Iona Beach otherwise known as “the Spit”. Located in West Richmond adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport and the Iona Island sewage treatment ponds.  To get there: head to the Vancouver airport, and at the last set of lights  – turn right – there is a small sign that leads you to Iona Beach.  You can park the car about 200 meters from the right hand […]

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Red and Green fish??

Don Mitchell of Shuswap Lake Motel & Resort tells us that from Mid September thru October you can witness the spectacle called the Adams River Salmon Run. This year (2006) is especially exciting because it is the Dominate Run, which means the largest spawning run in a 4 year life cycle for the Sockeye Salmon. Fisheries has estimated over 14 million sockeye could travel from the Pacific Ocean up the Fraser River and into the Thompson River and then finally ending up at Shuswap Lake before they travel up the Adams River to spawn. Year 2006 marks the 4 year […]

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