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The Telus World of Science

On August 20th my brother and I went on a “sibling date” to Science World. We live in Vancouver and had been before, but the exhibits had been modified since our last visit, so we decided to give it a go. The Telus World of Science opens at 10:00 AM, we arrived at 10:30 AM. There was already a fairly long line for tickets, and it looked from the outside as if many people were visiting the exhibits already. Once we got to the desk I asked for one youth ticket and one child ticket as I am 17 and […]

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Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) is located in Vancouver‘s Kitsilano neighbourhood at 1100 Chestnut St with its staple crap sculpture and fountain out front. The building connects two museums the MOV and the H. R. McMillan Space Center. They are separate museums and have separate entry fees. During spring break my brother and I visited the Museum of Vancouver and it was a lovely trip. We live in Kitsilano, so getting to the museum was not a challenge. The total entry fee for the both of us was eighteen dollars. The museum has six permanent galleries and one ever changing […]

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Harrison Hot Springs Info Centre and Sasquatch Museum

The Harrison Hot Springs Info Centre is on Highway 9 as you head into town. As you approach Harrison Hot Springs, you will find that the Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) is a big part of Harrison Hot Springs’ Tourism. The area is also home to the Sts’ailes band who have a long history with Sasquatch as indicated by paintings of “Sa:sq’ets” dating back thousands of years. The creature is considered super natural. See www.sasquatchcrossing.ca/our-lodge/history/story-of-the-sasquatch for more. There are many non natives who believe Bigfoot is a real as yet undiscovered primate living in the Pacific Northwest. This little museum in the […]

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Parksville Museum and Farmers Market

The Parksville Museum, which is also called the heritage park, is located right next to the BC tourism info centre off of highway 19A as you enter Parksville via Nanaimo. This small museum works to preserve Parksville’s history. It comprises of a collection of old buildings that have been moved to the site and filled with artifacts dating back to the late 1890s. What’s compelling is the rustic harshness that people who lived in the area had to deal with. They were all trying to keep a connection to the larger world while dealing with the limitations in transport and […]

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Vancouver Maritime Museum

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is tucked away in the Kitsilano neighbhourhood of Vancouver. It is near Vanier Park and the Museum of Vancouver. I had the pleasure of seeing the famous vessel the St. Roch be officially reopened for display. On May 31, 2014, The Vancouver Maritime Museum had an open house with speakers and a children’s choir from Trafalgar Elementary. (I had insider information about the event from the choir director.) Both inside and out, the museum has artifacts from the long and adventurous British Columbia maritime history. I would try to describe the amazing story of the St. […]

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Brittania Mine Museum, Brittania Beach

If you’ve ever been to Whistler by car, you have zoomed past the Brittania Mine Museum. During our spring break up to Whistler, we decided to add a 75 minute stop to tour the BMM. We were glad we did. It’s a national historic site and museum so it’s loaded with history and points of interest for all ages. We took the underground train tour and found it very informative. It gave us a flavour for what life was like for the miners who did such risky work. Our 7 year old was chosen to be a shovel wielding ‘mucker’ […]

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Royal BC Museum Victoria

For Vancouver Island school children, this museum has permanent exhibits that go a ways back and never become dull. It has been at least 10 years since I had been and to the BC Museum. It occurred to me that what differentiates it from other provincial museums, say the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, is that this museum is truly focused on its own province. We were lucky to have a quiet day on the off season and, due to having a 5-year-old, we thought it best to work on the 3rd floor that’s the most jam-packed with exhibits. We […]

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Squamish Top 6 Things to See and Do

Obviously if you’re like me and have not been to Squamish since before the 2010 Winter Olympics, things have changed. A lot. But for those of you looking for more background, Squamish is the first real town north of Vancouver and West Vancouver. You truly feel past the point of sane commuting. (I hear stories of people doing Squamish-Vancouver commutes, but this induces the same scepticism that I have when I hear stories of people bending spoons with their mind powers.) The Sea-to-Sky Highway (#99) is well named as the scenery up to Squamish is stunning as you wind your […]

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Movie Sets and Mining at Britannia Beach

You may know that one of Vancouver‘s nicknames is ‘Hollywood North’ because so many Hollywood movies have been made in and around the city in the last couple of decades. It’s not just Vancouver that’s frequently been used as a movie set though; in fact there are countless communities, parks and areas of coastline that have doubled for many other locations around the world, and the small community of Britannia Beach, on the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler, has seen more than its fair share of movie and TV stars. In fact over 50 movies, and numerous […]

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Sooke Region Museum and Visitor Information Centre

Located off of Highway 14 (Sooke Rd.) on Phillips Rd, this is one of the more interesting Visitor Centres to visit. A lot of times when you go to a visitor centre, it’s a dull looking facility with racks of brochures and booklets. This is not the case with Sooke‘s visitor centre. This place has the top of a lighthouse on it! The Triangle Island Lighthouse was moved from its original location to the Sooke Visitor Centre and Museum. Once inside the staff running the centre are very knowledgeable and within a few minutes we had set our priorities of […]

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