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An Easy Vancouver Bike Ride

I was cycling in Vancouver on a busy hot summer day with a young lad who was new to his larger bicycle. We wanted a ride that would be challenging at this level but not overwhelming. Another consideration was to stay away from vehicle traffic as much as possible. So we thought of going around the world, Science World, that is. We started in the Kitsilano area right near Museum of Vancouver and Vancouver Academy of Music. The objective was to take the road down to where the Coast Guard Station is and then turn right to sneak underneath the […]

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A Ride Around Stanley Park on the Last Day of Summer

I had to check, but the change over from summer to autumn is September 22, 2016 at 10:21 A.M. EDT. Today I rode around Stanley Park. I did this same ride back in August. (See Stanley Park to Kits Beach.) However this time there was a sense of urgency. Who knew when I’d next have my schedule and the weather cooperate in this way? There was no mistaking that crisp taste of Fall in the air. Despite worrying about potentially not being able to enjoy the ride like this for months, Autumn was somehow inviting me to slow it down […]

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Kitsilano Beach Park to Spanish Banks Beach Park

This is possibly one of the easiest and most scenic bike rides in Vancouver. It was a hot summer day when my daughter and I set out on the 5.7 km (each way) bicycle ride from Kits Beach. We wanted to try the relatively new (18 months old) bike path along Point Grey Road and see how it connects to Jericho, Locarno and Spanish Banks beaches. This was the view from where we started. As you ride west, following the markings for bikes, you then follow a short stretch of Point Grey Road, which then turns back to where Cornwall […]

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The Stanley Park Seawall Revisited

In the spring of 2015, Vancouver had an unusual run of dry weather — milimetres of rain, not the usual feet of rain. So when our work team decided to do our second (now annual) team bike ride around Stanley Park we were expecting to work up a sweat. Of course it rained. Not hard and not for long but it was cool and damp. Another expectation I had was that it would be crowded on the sea wall walk, which is a 10 km scenic trail around this massive park. I’d heard of incidents of cyclists, inline skaters, pedestrians […]

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Stanley Park Seawall is Best on a Grey Day

It was an odd set of circumstances that found me cycling around Stanley Park’s seawall. I was keeping good company with about a dozen other cyclists on a June weekday. It was a work team building exercise and also a way to add steps to our pedometers. The GCC (Global Corporate Challenge) was on and we wanted to boost our numbers. When I was cycling around the seawall, I started thinking about this park. It’s huge. 4.05 sq. km and the seawall itself is about 10 km in circumference, depending on what you consider as the starting point. See this […]

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A Perfect Ride through Pacific Spirit Park

On a clear sunny day in the spring after a cold wet winter nothing better suits me than this great mountain biking trip, which I’ve been riding for the better part of twenty years. It’s a classic combining Vancouver‘s seawall, beaches and the natural beauty of single trails through Pacific Spirit Park. From start to finish the ride takes roughly 2 1/2 hours and covers 35 km of off road riding. The starting point is at the Coast Guard station at the entrance to False Creek on the south side of the Burrard Street Bridge. If you look up at […]

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Cycling Tourism in Vancouver

Vancouver makes cycling fun. From the many cycling events hosted in Vancouver to its kilometers of marked bike routes, make your next trip around Vancouver by bike. Do you want to take in the Aquarium and Science World? Why not rent a bike at one of the rental shops at the North foot of Denman Street and make the short cycle over to the Aquarium, almost exclusively along the Stanley Park seawall. Ready to head to Science World? Get back on the bike, take the short trip along quiet side streets of the historic West End and connect onto the […]

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Walking or Riding the The Spit at Iona Beach

Want to get out of Vancouver but avoid that long congested drive to go anywhere?  Since spring is almost here I am giving you another quick get away that involves you riding or walking: Iona Beach otherwise known as “the Spit”. Located in West Richmond adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport and the Iona Island sewage treatment ponds.  To get there: head to the Vancouver airport, and at the last set of lights  – turn right – there is a small sign that leads you to Iona Beach.  You can park the car about 200 meters from the right hand […]

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