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Englishman River Falls Provincial Park

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located in Errington BC, which is about 6 km from Parksville. It’s my kind of hike (more of a walk, really) because it’s short (3 km) is easy and the scenery is spectacular. There are two falls (upper and lower) that have wonderful views. The lower falls ends in a pool in which thick-blooded individuals were splashing about. The water comes from a mountain and I expect it would be a tad chilly. The park is fairly busy, given there’s a campground attached and is easy access to day trippers as well. But you […]

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Kits Beach Pool Opens Victoria Day Weekend

Kits Beach Park Pool opens every Victoria Day weekend and for the first time in years, I managed to catch it when it was the long weekend and it was warm enough. The trick with opening weekend is to stay in the water once you are in the water and, when out of the water, return yourself to the sun to heat up. Shade is not a thermally suitable place. Kits Pool has this wonderful combination of very long lane lengths so that the people wanting a workout can get one, but also with nice shallow areas for kids to […]

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Queen’s Park Victoria

Oak Bay in Victoria is a beautiful place with lots of lovely water views. There are many small parks along the vista, one of them being Queens Park. It is a small viewpoint with a piece of public artwork, a series of wolves and a deer made out of metal. And, although that was fun to look at, my favorite part of the park is it’s old swing. Now, I am not referring to some ordinary swing, this swing is built for four people and you push its floor with your feet for momentum. It’s quite calming and a lovely […]

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Vancouver Pools For The Summer!

It’s summer in Vancouver, and as the temperature rises, so does the desire to be outside, soaking up some rays by the water. Here’s some information so you’re ready to go! There are many good beaches around Vancouver, but what about outdoor pools? Yes, the beach is free and just as great, but sometimes, a pool is just what one needs. And there are many fantastic pools to be found! My personal favourite is the Kitsilano Pool. It’s an outdoor pool near Kits Beach, on Cornwall at Vine street, so the the views are amazing. The pool itself is very […]

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Kitsilano Showboat

Kitsilano is a Vancouver neighbourhood that begins on the south west side of the Burrard Street Bridge. Kitsilano Beach Park, or Kits Beach as it’s known locally, has a great beach, wonderfully upgraded concession stand and a huge swimming pool. An additional feature of Kits Beach is the Kitsilano Showboat which, this year, celebrated its 80th anniversary. It’s an outdoor theatre on the south side of Kits Beach Pool. (Were it on the north side, it would be in the ocean!) In 2015, Kitsilano Showboat ran from June 22 through to August 15. We caught the last show which was […]

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The Stanley Park Seawall Revisited

In the spring of 2015, Vancouver had an unusual run of dry weather — milimetres of rain, not the usual feet of rain. So when our work team decided to do our second (now annual) team bike ride around Stanley Park we were expecting to work up a sweat. Of course it rained. Not hard and not for long but it was cool and damp. Another expectation I had was that it would be crowded on the sea wall walk, which is a 10 km scenic trail around this massive park. I’d heard of incidents of cyclists, inline skaters, pedestrians […]

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Queen Elizabeth Park and the Bloedel Conservatory

Queen Elizabeth Park is a stunning 130 acre oasis in the city of Vancouver and is the city’s highest point; sitting atop 150m/500ft of granite. Millions of visitors walk through these gardens every year. Since the 1960s it has played host to countless weddings, family reunions, proposals, and picnics. Moreover it is a wonderful place to visit just for a stroll on a sunny afternoon. Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful and fragrant Rose Garden, or the equally beautiful Quarry Garden and Arboretum. There’s also a pitch and putt and a lawn bowling green, picnic tables and even a […]

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Ambleside Walk in West Vancouver

A lot of people drive along Marine Drive in West Vancouver. They are heading to shop or heading towards 15th Street to access the Upper Levels Highway. But there’s something else you really ought to take a half-hour or so to do. If you want a coffee, you can hit the Starbucks at 17th Street and Marine Drive. There is 2 hour free parking on Marine Drive, which is handy. Then as you exit Starbucks, head right, and right again (south) on 17th Street. Go to and cross Bellevue Ave. You then get to walk over the BC Rail tracks […]

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7 Things you did not likely know about Joe Fortes

If you’ve been in Vancouver a while, you might hear the name Joe Forte, which many associate with a restaurant Joe Fortes found on Thurlow Street between Robson and Alberni. (They have a good lunch special by the way.) There’s also a library named after him. However, Seraphim “Joe” Fortes was the Vancouver Park Board’s first lifeguard. When I happened upon an article about him in BC Magazine‘s Spring 2011 edition, I was fascinated to find that the Canadian immigrant experience is old than we thought. Consider these 7 facts about Joe Forte. Born Barbados 1865 Mixed African/European parentage Lived […]

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9 Essential Vancouver Beaches

With Vancouver’s sheltered oceanfront there are opportunities to enjoy the beach life in 9 distinct places. Three of these beaches are accessible to downtown Vancouver via Stanley Park and the others are all south of downtown heading west toward and into UBC (University of British Columbia). My favourite memory of a few years back was a remarkable convergence of an extremely low tide, a glorious sunny day and the time to enjoy a long walk. Three of us realized that we could literally walk along the exposed tidal mud all the way from Kits Beach to Wreck Beach. It was […]

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