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Five Reasons to Stop at Field BC

My experiences with Field, BC have been mostly limited to driving by it. Normally by that point in my voyages east, I was road-weary and just wanting to get to Banff or Calgary. There are however, a few reasons to exit the highway and enjoy your self. Burgess Shale. About 1/2 a billion years ago, this part of BC was an ocean. The Burgess Shale is the largest fossil collection. Emerald Lake Lodge. The view of the mountains and lake is to die for. (Worth the 20 minute drive from Field.) Truffle Pigs Bistro. Just the name makes me want […]

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Tofino, surf capital of Canada

When you think “surfing” you rarely think “Canada”. However, anyone who knows anything about Tofino knows about surfing. But it’s not the California or Hawaii surfing. Think 10 degrees Celsius water temperature and lots of rain. Tofino is at the edge of the Clayquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and in the middle of the Pacific Rim National Park. One of my favourite things to do is to head down to the dock where you can find the official sign indicating the end of Highway 1 at the bottom of First Street. Imagine that only Pacific Ocean is between you and […]

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Deep Cove, the jewel of North Vancouver

Deep Cove is technically in the District of North Vancouver, but don’t tell any locals that. Deep Cove has the feel of a small village at the end of the road. In this case, the road is Dollarton Highway, which is slightly east of the Second Narrows Bridge as it leads into North Vancouver. You follow the highway until you can go no further. The village has a series of shops, bistros, ice cream Parlours and so forth. The real reason for going is Panorama Park, which is not naming hyperbole. The view onto Indian Arm is spectacular. From there […]

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you talk to people living in the Lower Mainland — what we call Vancouver and its adjoining cities — they will often say “I always wanted to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge.” This historic North Vancouver tourist site is worth the visit, but in my opinion should be followed up with a local walk to see similar terrain outside a contained park environment. The reason for my first visit ever, despite being a 25 year veteran of Vancouver, was a school grad trip that I was helping to organize. For such an event, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park actually works […]

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Stanley Park Seawall is Best on a Grey Day

It was an odd set of circumstances that found me cycling around Stanley Park’s seawall. I was keeping good company with about a dozen other cyclists on a June weekday. It was a work team building exercise and also a way to add steps to our pedometers. The GCC (Global Corporate Challenge) was on and we wanted to boost our numbers. When I was cycling around the seawall, I started thinking about this park. It’s huge. 4.05 sq. km and the seawall itself is about 10 km in circumference, depending on what you consider as the starting point. See this […]

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Vancouver Maritime Museum

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is tucked away in the Kitsilano neighbhourhood of Vancouver. It is near Vanier Park and the Museum of Vancouver. I had the pleasure of seeing the famous vessel the St. Roch be officially reopened for display. On May 31, 2014, The Vancouver Maritime Museum had an open house with speakers and a children’s choir from Trafalgar Elementary. (I had insider information about the event from the choir director.) Both inside and out, the museum has artifacts from the long and adventurous British Columbia maritime history. I would try to describe the amazing story of the St. […]

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Burnaby Central Railway

This hobby operating railway in Burnaby, located in Confederation Park Burnaby, is one of those best-kept-secret situations. I was originally introduced to it by a former member of the non profit society that runs it and subsequently wondered “how did I not know this was here?” When you think model trains, you think, Lionel trains in HO scale. This however is a small scale train you can actually ride. The engineer volunteers who build, operate and maintain the trains and track do so for the sheer joy of watching people, particularly kids, ride these trains. I suspect those running the […]

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Deas Island Regional Park

About a 40-minute drive from downtown Vancouver is this lovely park on a small island in the Fraser Delta — good place to view boat traffic on the Fraser River. Metro Vancouver Parks have carried the torch for local nature programs for families for some years; Deas Island has a heritage farmhouse on site with a large bat colony in the attic, and during the summer park naturalists host lectures and guided walks on bats which culminate in watching the colony fly out of the house eaves en mass to hunt insects at dusk. The park is also the site […]

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Beacon Hill Park and its Petting Zoo

I had a free afternoon on a trip to Victoria BC and I was in possession of a restless four-year-old.  The four walls of the hotel room were not conducive to joy and gladness so we made our way to Beacon Hill Park. Beacon Hill Park is located in downtown Victoria and is bordered by Douglas Street to the west and Cook St to the east.  It ends at Dallas Road, but if you cross the road, you will see some amazing ocean scenery. There’s a perfectly fine playground in Beacon Hill Park where my child could climb and play […]

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Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke

If you are in Sooke and only have time for one scenic walk, visit Whiffin Spit Park. To find Whiffin Spit, you must head down Whiffen Spit Road, which heads south of the main road (Highway 14). Follow the signs to Whiffin Spit or Sooke Harbour House, both of which are found at the end of Whiffin Spit Road. There is a small parking lot that I imagine during high season is hard to find space in. You may need to find street parking and walk in. According to the signs, Whiffin Spit is named for a clerk on the […]

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