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Bright Nights in Stanley Park 2018

Bright Nights in Stanley Park is often referred to as the Christmas Train. If in Vancouver at Christmastime, come down to the Stanley Park and take in the massive Christmas light display. I did some Internet research and, apparently, there are 250,000 plus visitors each year. The charity that benefits from all this is the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. About 800 fire fighters put in 8,000 hours over 3 months to set up and tear down 3 million lights and associated decorations. We visited on Boxing Day and, by 5 PM, the woods and light are wonderfully magical. […]

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The Ghost Train in Stanley Park 2018

This year in Vancouver‘s Stanley Park, the Ghost Train is entitled Jack O’Lantern’s Journey Through the Dark Forest. It is a more whimsical take on a Halloween theme and is based on the story of Jack, an Irish trickster who was cursed to live in-between heaven and hell, but managed to get an ember of coal so he could make a lantern from a turnip. The event is very family focused, but there’s just nothing to beat that miniature train ride through the dark woods. Note that you can drive, park for free. Buy tickets online mind you and you’ll […]

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Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is in Stanley Park located at 845 Avison Way. My brother and I (my brother is nine) went for a visit during March break for a little day to ourselves. We arrived by bus from Vancouver‘s Kitsilano neighbourhood, and it took two busses and about forty minutes to get there. Both bus rides were mediocre, not much walking time in between, however there was a ten-minute wait for the second bus. Which isn’t that long, but in the cold and rain of the day it felt longer. The line up for the Aquarium wasn’t long, and fortunately […]

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Dining at the Teahouse in Stanley Park

The Teahouse in Stanley Park is a stunning location for a fancy brunch, lunch or dinner. It’s located on the west side of Stanley Park off of Stanley Park Drive. Assuming you aren’t visiting on the swampy day we visited, the views from the restaurant and the grounds are spectacular. The restaurant itself has that English country style to it and looks festive at Christmas time. We attended at brunch to celebrate a birthday. There’s a large wine list, which we did not take from (we need to sun to be a bit more over the yardarm than that). I […]

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Stanley Park Ghost Train 2017

Each year the miniature train in Vancouver‘s Stanley Park puts on a ride through the woods where they make a family friendly spooky adventure. This year’s theme is Alien Invasion, which gives nods to all the famous alien abduction themes from the 1950s to the X-Files. The train itself is a small sized replica (hard for my tall body to squeeze into) of Canadian Pacific Railway Engine #374. This is the first engine to arrive in Vancouver and the original full-sized engine is on display at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre in Yaletown. But the fun is the […]

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Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train 2016

The annual Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train and Attractions in is one of my favourite places because I like the spooky feel of Stanley Park in the Fall, especially when the Park does its spooky presentations. For me I’m not into the freaky scary stuff with chainsaws and gory zombies jumping out at you. The Stanley Park presentation is family friendly. It’s just eerie enough to thrill the elementary school aged children without parents dealing with sobbing wrecks. This year was a Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) theme, which is much more cheerful, believe it or not, […]

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A Ride Around Stanley Park on the Last Day of Summer

I had to check, but the change over from summer to autumn is September 22, 2016 at 10:21 A.M. EDT. Today I rode around Stanley Park. I did this same ride back in August. (See Stanley Park to Kits Beach.) However this time there was a sense of urgency. Who knew when I’d next have my schedule and the weather cooperate in this way? There was no mistaking that crisp taste of Fall in the air. Despite worrying about potentially not being able to enjoy the ride like this for months, Autumn was somehow inviting me to slow it down […]

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Bike Ride Stanley Park to Kits Beach

A gorgeous late Friday afternoon in August in Vancouver provided me with enough time to take a 23 km ride around Stanley Park and False Creek in order to land me at Kits Beach. The route I take has very little actual road riding. I find dodging other bikes and pedestrians challenge enough without fun cars! I noted the time as 4:07 PM at West Georgia and Bute Streets, downtown, where I unlocked my bike and headed north on Bute. Bute Street ends just past Hastings Street. The traffic trying to get to the Lion’s Gate Bridge was insane, even […]

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6 Must-see Things at the Vancouver Aquarium

It had been at least two years since I’d visited the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park and boy a lot has changed. For example, the whole entry point has been expanded with their gift shop being much bigger than I recall. It’s still a mandatory Vancouver attraction. With a young boy along, you quickly find out the things that are popular or cool and things that aren’t. 1. Discover Rays Touch Pool This is new exhibit and allows you to interact with cownose and southern stingrays. They didn’t have any interest in me. Maybe my magnetic field is too weak […]

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Bright Nights Christmas Train in Stanley Park 2015

December 2015 in Vancouver has been hit by a series of ‎ storms that featured high wind, cold temperatures (5 C is considered cold here) and rain. It’s a gross feeling to have rain literally blown into your ear by the wind. But, between storms there have been single days of sunshine showing the snowy peaks of the North Shore Mountains. And, better yet, ‎coincided with our visit to Bright Nights in Stanley Park. Due to these storms people with choice of timing also came down to the Park, which makes it a bit crazy down there. For parking, there’s […]

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