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Less Tourist-y Summer Activities in Vancouver

Finally, summer is in full swing. It is most definitely my favourite season. Shedding layers of clothing, BBQ dinners with friends and family, occasional drinks, reading on the patio, and outdoor workouts – who doesn’t love summer! Unfortunately it’s also the peak of tourist season here in Vancouver. But don’t you worry! I’m here to help you and your family find unique summer activities and hidden spots away from the regular tourist spots. For those of you who take advantage of the warmer weather by moving your workouts outdoors, the choices are endless. Here are my top three favourites: 1. […]

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The Beasts of Stanley Park

At the 2014 Halloween Train, I happened to learn about squirrels. There was a booth operated by the Stanley Park Ecology Society. It was there that I learned that in the park are northern flying squirrels. I was shocked because I’d never heard of these before. And, there’s a reason. You are as likely to see one of these as you are a magical pixie. This is because they are nocturnal and live only in the high canopy. But of course it’s sad there are no moose in the park because then you could have more Rocky and Bullwinkle jokes. […]

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An Accidental Trip to Deep Bay

We were visiting Qualicum Beach (staying at Buena Vista by-the-Sea) and we decided to do something educational for the kids, specifically the Deep Bay Marine Field Station. This is further down the 19A highway/Oceanside, about 25 km from our motel. It is past Bowser (can’t help but thing of a barking dog) and down a series of streets and a gravel road. Sadly, we picked a day that the place was closed for a private function. Important tip: check their website in advance. There was a sign at the highway saying it was closed, but I was determine to double […]

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Stanley Park Seawall is Best on a Grey Day

It was an odd set of circumstances that found me cycling around Stanley Park’s seawall. I was keeping good company with about a dozen other cyclists on a June weekday. It was a work team building exercise and also a way to add steps to our pedometers. The GCC (Global Corporate Challenge) was on and we wanted to boost our numbers. When I was cycling around the seawall, I started thinking about this park. It’s huge. 4.05 sq. km and the seawall itself is about 10 km in circumference, depending on what you consider as the starting point. See this […]

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Squamish Top 6 Things to See and Do

Obviously if you’re like me and have not been to Squamish since before the 2010 Winter Olympics, things have changed. A lot. But for those of you looking for more background, Squamish is the first real town north of Vancouver and West Vancouver. You truly feel past the point of sane commuting. (I hear stories of people doing Squamish-Vancouver commutes, but this induces the same scepticism that I have when I hear stories of people bending spoons with their mind powers.) The Sea-to-Sky Highway (#99) is well named as the scenery up to Squamish is stunning as you wind your […]

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Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain

If you love skiing you probably think of gliding down on the white stuff when anyone mentions a mountain! For me, who is not a skier by the way, I think of hikes and fabulous views, and Vancouver‘s Grouse Mountain is somewhere that offers these in abundance, plus there is of course an alpine ski area here too! One of the reasons why Vancouver is such a popular place is its setting; surrounded by mountains and water this really is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. You’ll find Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, that is, across the Burrard Inlet […]

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Top 5 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is noted for many outdoor activities and is a mere 130 km from Vancouver and an easy drive. Top 5 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs Soak in the hot springs mineral pool located at the beach front at 224 Esplanade Avenue Go boating and swimming in Harrison Lake rentals available at Killer.s Marina located right on the lake. Hire a fishing guide and fish for many types of salmon.  Many fishing guides available such as Fraser River Fishing Lodge and Shoreline Tours to name a few.  Tours available right on the beach front. Tour world […]

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Valemount – a Rocky Mountain Jewel

Valemount, “Valley in the Mountains” is truly one of the jewels in BC’s crown of outstanding scenic locations.  With so much to offer, no matter the season, Valemount is a destination for those who love the outdoors and endless outdoor activities.  Whether you are an avid snowmobiler, and ATV addict, like to fish or hike, Valemount offers every opportunity for you to pursue almost any outdoor sport and activity.  If you just want to relax, there is no better place, since the peace and tranquility of this mountain paradise will include soaking in its peaceful ambiance.  Valemount is surrounded by […]

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Butterfly World & Gardens Coombs

The travelling family is always on the look-out for a good place to visit that the children will enjoy, but has some educational value and isn’t just wall-to-wall commercialism. The Butterfly World & Gardens in Coombs BC fits this bill.  We had an 8 and 2 year old with us and their interests were both piqued.  The eldest just wanted a butterfly to land on her and stay for a couple of moments.  The youngest wanted to just be able to see everything and had a good sense of discovery. Fortunately the facility wasn’t just a pile of butterflies flitting […]

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North Island Wildlife Recovery Association

If you want to see some animals in captivity, but are in captivity for a good reason — i.e. they’d be dead in a minute in the wild — the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington BC is a good choice. To get there, you need to take the Alberni Highway (4A) which you can access via Highway 19.  It’s quite close to Parksville (about 4 km) and makes an excellent day trip for the family. The place is not a zoo as such and it has a wonderfully rustic feel about it.  It’s a place to try to […]

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