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Hi-Nippon, Vancouver

I was going out for dinner in Vancouver with a group of friends and nobody was very picky as to where we were going to eat. One friend (we are all 14-15) suggested we go Hi-Nippon, a sushi place on West 4th Avenue and Vine. I figured well, we have no better ideas and I’m getting hungry so sure. We enter the venue and are immediately shown our seating options. We could either sit at a regular table or we can sit in one of the take-your-shoes-off-and-get-into-what-feels-like-a-mini-apartment tables. We are a party of five and the Japanese tables look like […]

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Koko Monk in Vancouver

There is a small shopping area in Vancouver‘s Kitsilano neighbourhood that you may not know about. It runs one block on West 1st Ave between Burrard and Cypress. There are restaurants, spas, clothing stores, a wine shop and tucked in one spot on the north side is Koko Monk. If you are a true chocolate freak, you must try this place. It’s tiny, but you can sit and have a hot chocolate, but the artistic unique flavoured chocolates are something to try and behold. There are unusual flavours including lavender and watermelon that are so carefully blended in, you are […]

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Kitsilano Beach Park to Spanish Banks Beach Park

This is possibly one of the easiest and most scenic bike rides in Vancouver. It was a hot summer day when my daughter and I set out on the 5.7 km (each way) bicycle ride from Kits Beach. We wanted to try the relatively new (18 months old) bike path along Point Grey Road and see how it connects to Jericho, Locarno and Spanish Banks beaches. This was the view from where we started. As you ride west, following the markings for bikes, you then follow a short stretch of Point Grey Road, which then turns back to where Cornwall […]

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Best Chocolate Shop in Vancouver

If you are allergic to, or dislike, chocolate please read no further.  In Vancouver there is a chocolate shop that is pretty darn amazing.  I am a chocolate junkie and I have the waistline to prove it.   Chocolate Arts at 2037 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver in the Kitsilano neighbourhood is worth a visit.  Make sure when you walk in you try just one of their chocolates.  Take the time for your tongue and nose to realize this ain’t your emergency-got-to-have-a-fix bag of M&Ms.  This is for real.   The other thing that’s cool is they take their artistry seriously.  […]

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Thoughts on Kitsilano

As I was reading through the Spring 2010 issue of British Columbia Magazine, I found an article on my home-community, Kitsilano in Vancouver. This article was well written, and amusing to say the least, but it brought up a few points in my head about truths about this neighbourhood. I’d like to explore three select topics that every tourist will be invested in: Food, Shopping and Things to Do. The article shows a large colour picture of people lined up for the Naam restaurant, at 4th Ave. and Macdonald. While I have always really enjoyed the Naam, I would have […]

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Torch Relay and David Lam Park

On February 11 2010, my family took to Burrard Street to try to catch a view of the Torch Relay.  The atmosphere on the street was fun, relaxed and rather full of police.  But the police on bikes, motor cycles, horses and on foot were having a good time too.   Our glimpse of the relay was too short, so we headed north over the Burrard Bridge into Yaletown just in time to see the cauldron lit up on the big jumbo tron screen. We were treated to a few fireworks before heading back home.  (The under-age-2 set don’t like […]

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The Lights Over English Bay

I got a chance to walk right under the robotic lights in Vanier Park three nights ago.  I was with my 8 and 2 year old children and we approached Vanier Park with the goal of answering the question “just where are these things?” The reaction to the 20 lights that were in continual movement was hugely positive from the kids.  There are ten search lights in the West End and 10 in Vanier Park.  Even on a rainy night they look great as the light makes the moisture in the air shimmer. When I got home I looked up […]

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Free Vancouver Attractions for Parents and Kids

One of the best parts about Vancouver in the summer is the number of places to go and things to do that are free, or very inexpensive. On a hot day, nothing beats a water park.  These are my favourites in or near downtown Vancouver: Variety Kids Water Park at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley ParkThis water park is located just off the seawall along the north side of Stanley Park, across from an attraction known as Lumbermans’s Arch.  There are plenty of things to climb on and kids can run through water geysers and canons. The waterfall is lots of […]

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Not your Normal Evening at Starbucks in Vancouver

I live in Kitsilano in Vancouver and there’s a Starbucks as close to my house as they can put one without breaking the zoning bylaws.  I am a regular and I call it “my” Starbucks. True, it is profoundly lame to have such a close identification with a global brand.  I am also known to be seen with my computer often working and meeting with people.  An associate of mine refers to the 3rd Ave and Burrard St. Starbucks as my office. So it’s no surprise that the area manager, stopped me one day and gave me in invitation to […]

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