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6Pack Beach

Lets face it Vancouver is known as Raincouver. It rains so much during the winter that there is not a lot of activities you can go do outside without getting wet. But Vancouver has this place where you can get a small taste of feeling like you or outside on a beach. There is this place called 6Pack Beach, located in Richmond, and yes it is an indoor beach. I first heard of this place through my church group. The youth were trying to organize an outing and they told us we were going to play indoor volleyball but to […]

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Zone Bowling/Big River Restaurant

Being a girl from the suburbs my friends and I have a few typical hang out spots in Coquitlam that we absolutely love and find to be reasonable in price. One of the places we love to go to is Zone Bowling. Zone bowling is located right beside the movie theatres, and it is one of the largest bowling alleys. They also have a second location in Richmond so if you do not want to trek all the way to Coquitlam you can go to Richmond instead. The reason why we love going bowling there is not only because bowling […]

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I have these friends who are twins and whenever we want to go out, we always go and sit at different cafés. One day they texted and said lets meet up and I said sure where are we going? They said this place downtown called Thierry. Of course I was curious because I had never been to this place nor had I ever heard of it before, but being a food junkie I was ready to go and try something new. When I arrived the place looked very chic. They had this little patio; the patio though I will warn […]

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Juliet’s Cafe

Anyone out there like a nice home made meal? I know I sure do. When I first started going to University by my school there was this little Cafe on the corner called Juliet’s Café. I would always walk by and when I would look inside the place looked very cozy, it gave off this homey type vibe. One day I decided to go in and try it out for lunch with my friend. You walk in and there is a nice fireplace, and there are these beautiful plants with long vines going down pillars. There is a big menu […]

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Shabusen Restaurant

One of my all time favourite restaurants Downtown Vancouver is none other than SHABUSEN! It is a Japanese all you can eat/ Korean BBQ place that is absolutely to die for. You go upstairs to the restaurant and it has special booths that look like boats that you sit in, they require you to take off your shoes but if you are not interested in doing that you can sit at a regular table. Now you can have the regular menu, or the all you can eat menu. I highly recommend you go for the all you can eat menu, […]

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Noodle Box

A couple of months back I was sitting with some friends and we were discussing good food places to eat at because let’s face it, I am a food junkie. One of my friends said that they had just gotten a job at this place called Noodle Box. All that was going on in my head was Noodles…. Sounds amazing…. Where is this place and where can I get some? The following day I told my friend about it and we decided to go because it was five minutes away from my school. When we got there the place had […]

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Storybrooke from “Once Upon a Time”

If any of you watch the hit TV series “Once Upon a Time” and have wondered if the little town Storybrooke actually exists, I can tell you that it does! My friends helped me become obsessed with the TV show, and I thought, “what a cute little town”. I was curious as to whether or not the place was real or if the whole thing was shot in a studio. Well it turns out if you go to this little town called Steveston in Richmond BC, you can walk the same streets as your favourite characters from the show. My […]

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I want to share with you one of my favourite frozen yogurt places of all time: MENCHIES! I was with my aunt one day and we went and got some frozen yogurt in San Francisco, and I had told her that I wish we had this back home. She gave me a funny look and told me that we had a place in Vancouver called “Menchies”. The first thing I did when I came back was call up my friend and said we have to try this new place out. We drove to West 4th and there was this pink […]

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VIP Cineplex Coquitlam

Have you ever wished that the movie theatres allowed you to have alcohol? Or maybe have someone take your order at the movies? Eat delicious food? Have a big cozy chair to make you feel comfy? Well Coquitlam’s Cineplex Theatre might be exactly what you are looking for. Cineplex has now created the V.I.P Cineplex experience. You go and there is a separate lounge for people nineteen or older to enjoy a fancier night out at the movies. You can now drink your favourite cocktails and beers at the theatre. I went with my boyfriend and there was someone to […]

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Pearl Fever

I always try to find different places to hang out with friends, or go to do homework because lets face it, it’s impossible to get anything done at home with all of these distractions. I was going bowling with my friends one day at Zone bowling in Coquitlam, and noticed a place called Pearl Fever. I took a look inside and they had this nice comfy couch, with leather seats, they also had a nice fireplace in the corner surrounded by nice leather cushions to make you feel at home. I thought what a nice classy looking place. I decided […]

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