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Kits Beach Pool Opens Victoria Day Weekend

Kits Beach Park Pool opens every Victoria Day weekend and for the first time in years, I managed to catch it when it was the long weekend and it was warm enough. The trick with opening weekend is to stay in the water once you are in the water and, when out of the water, return yourself to the sun to heat up. Shade is not a thermally suitable place. Kits Pool has this wonderful combination of very long lane lengths so that the people wanting a workout can get one, but also with nice shallow areas for kids to […]

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Kitsilano Sushi – Octopus’ Garden

Yes…just like the Beatles song, this restaurant will take your taste buds under the sea! This little place is an awe-inspiring, intimate sushi restaurant in the heart of the Kitsilano neighbourhood in Vancouver. The Head Chef, Sada, hails from Japan and the freshness of his ingredients and his presentation skills are unparalleled. This little gem is our favourite sushi spot. With dishes like “iron show” sizzling tuna or wagyu beef, spot prawns, lobster, an excellent array of sashimi/nigiri, tempura, broths, or vegetarian options/rolls, and a wonderful sake/wine selection, the scintillating flavours are for everyone! We highly recommend calling ahead, and […]

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Dinner at Sophie’s on a Vancouver Fireworks Night

Sophie’s Cosmic Café is always a treat for us. At 4th and Arbutus in Kitsilano in Vancouver. It can be relied for its great burgers (including a very satisfying vegetarian nut burger) plus other items including good perogies, a great nacho plate, falafel and more. Perhaps the standout item is the milkshakes. So far in experience, the milkshakes are the best in town. They had R&B Brewery products on tap that included a good lager and cream ale. The décor is always wonderful. It gives you the impression that starting in the 1960s the owners gathered up all their play […]

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Surprise Volleyball on Kits Beach

Kits Beach, which is located in Vancouver, on the south side of English Bay, across from the West End neighbourhood can be full of surprises. Yesterday morning at around 11 AM, I took a stroll to pick up a coffee from the Starbucks at Cornwall and Arbutus and then walked across the street, headed to the water and this was my view. Walking about 10 metres down the path I discovered that Volleyball BC was having a tournament. There was seating in the bleachers and I have never seen beach volleyball up close so I sat to enjoy my coffee. […]

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Kitsilano

On September 24, 2016 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Will and Kate) visited the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station in Vancouver. This small station can be found at the end of Whyte Ave. The road passes the Vancouver Museum, the Vancouver Academy of Music, the Vancouver Archives and (because it was still running) Bard on the Beach. Our family decided, because it’s insanely close to where we live, to try to see what the hullaballo about the Prince and Princess was. Our expectations of seeing much of them were low and our lower expectations were met. Below is a […]

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Your Local Vancouver Farmers Markets

Everybody loves a good farmers market, especially when they’re close to home. For those living in Vancouver, I strongly suggest that making a trip to the closest market be a top priority when it comes to your food shopping. Founded in 1995, Your Local Farmers Market (The Vancouver Farmers Market) is a registered BC non-profit society. They also offer access to fresh, healthy food for low-income families through the Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program. The farmers and food producers offer fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, baked goods, artisan food products and fresh fish, local craft beer, wine and […]

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Paradiso Italian Gelato in Kitsilano

I live in busy Kits Point in Kitsilano (Vancouver), and in the summer it gets rather hot and crowded with all the visitors coming to the beach. Now, when it’s summer and you’re going to the beach often the next thing that comes to mind is ice-cream, or in this case, gelato. On Yew St, very close to kits beach is Paradiso Italian Gelato. They are a gelato place perfect for summers in Kitsilano. Locally placed, friendly and fast service with taste tests, it is very convenient. Inside the store is slightly less comfortable with mismatching chairs and slightly wobbly […]

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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company

As a celebration for the end of yet another school season my parents took my brother and I out for dinner at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company in Vancouver. Their main location is on 1st Avenue and Cypress St. Once inside I was instantly overwhelmed by the smell of pizza cooking in an amazing way. Right as we come in somebody comes up and gives us a seat inside near their big pizza oven and their new green wall. We met our waitress shortly after and she was very friendly, helpful and did not fail to mention any details. Now, my […]

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Vancouver Pools For The Summer!

It’s summer in Vancouver, and as the temperature rises, so does the desire to be outside, soaking up some rays by the water. Here’s some information so you’re ready to go! There are many good beaches around Vancouver, but what about outdoor pools? Yes, the beach is free and just as great, but sometimes, a pool is just what one needs. And there are many fantastic pools to be found! My personal favourite is the Kitsilano Pool. It’s an outdoor pool near Kits Beach, on Cornwall at Vine street, so the the views are amazing. The pool itself is very […]

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Khatsahlano Street Party

On July 9, 2016 I visited Vancouver‘s West 4th Ave, normally a busy thoroughfare on a Saturday, and it was blocked off for Khatsahlano Street Party. Khatsahlano is the First Nations’ spelling of Kitsilano, the neighbourhood for which 4th Ave between Burrard and MacDonald is a focal point. It was quite enjoyable to walk the street that is normally dominated by cars 24/7. There was live music, presentations, henna tatoo artists and virtually all the businesses on the street seemed to have goods and services either on display or for offer. My wife found some good deals at Blue Sky […]

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