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Agricultural Fair Coombs

Coombs BC is about 10 km west of Parksville. Every summer for 106 years, there has been the Coombs Fair, which is a flat out good old-fashioned agricultural fair. We for once were in the area when it was being held and decided to join in the fun. There is a dominance of 4-H clubs, which is a group of folks running youth programs in various disciplines. In Coombs’ case, it was animals, arts and small engines. It was interesting seeing young people wrangle rather large cattle with a calm that I wouldn’t have with an animal many times my […]

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The Range Langley

Heading to a gun range is not a normal tourist event in Canada, but you can do it in Langley BC. My goal was to conduct research for some fiction writing I’m doing. The Range is on 201 Street, Langley, not far from Highway 1. It’s important to note that if you just want to fire guns at their range, you either need a completed Canadian Firearms Safety Course or at least one other person in your group. I brought a friend with me. Prior to this trip, the only firearm I had fired was a 22-calibre rifle at a […]

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Englishman River Falls Provincial Park

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located in Errington BC, which is about 6 km from Parksville. It’s my kind of hike (more of a walk, really) because it’s short (3 km) is easy and the scenery is spectacular. There are two falls (upper and lower) that have wonderful views. The lower falls ends in a pool in which thick-blooded individuals were splashing about. The water comes from a mountain and I expect it would be a tad chilly. The park is fairly busy, given there’s a campground attached and is easy access to day trippers as well. But you […]

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Milner Gardens Qualicum Beach

Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach was a visit a long time coming. We visit the Oceanside area of Vancouver Island once or twice a year and, every time we tried to sneak in a visit to Milner Gardens, we’ve been thwarted by scheduling issues. Vancouver Island University came into possession of the 79 acres of seaside walk and botanical gardens in 1996. Make sure to read the History page of the website because the original patrons are super British connected and the gardens have hosted Queen Elizabeth and some of her offspring over the years. For us, we had a […]

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Canada Place to Stanley Park and Back

There’s a really long walk you can take from Vancouver‘s Canada Place, which will take your around Stanley Park. It’s an easy walk, in that it’s flat and well kept. But it’s long. It’s also much longer if you are a nincompoop. Never change your orthotics into newer shoes before embarking; it will feel like you just put the orthotics in for the first time. However, let’s not focus on the pain; let’s focus on the scenery. When you start from Canada Place it’s a more industrial place. Seaplanes, ships, caf├ęs and so forth. The good news is that there […]

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Granville Island Markets and More

If you are visiting Vancouver, you should not miss Granville Island. Food, shopping, boats, artisans, entertainment and more. Food and shopping is what you’ve likely heard, but when I last walked onto the island, I noticed the first thing you see looking forward is the Theatresports venue, where you can enjoy improv. If you look behind you, you will see the Kids Market, which is a collection of toy stores and other fun things. Adults do not need children to enjoy that section. On the road heading to Granville Island Market, you will find unusual (i.e. not so branded) shops […]

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Vancouver Harbour Cruise

It’s nutty that I never went on a Harbour Cruise in Vancouver. Luckily someone at work decided this would be a good way to celebrate for our department. The cruise company provided food and a bar and even though it was a social event I had time to ponder how highly changeable the harbour becomes. It’s pretty industrial at first and is particularly eerie to see the structures for the Burnaby Terminal for the Trans Mountain Pipeline System. There’s so much debate about the expansion and to see the oil infrastructure with the creepy exhaust pipes that you think you […]

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar Yaletown

It has been over two years since I last went to Nero Belgian Waffle Bar in Vancouver. Too long in my view, but other obligations put my wife and I right beside the Seymour Street location. We were able to get a seat for two and could enjoy the light waffles. I had the opportunity to try a savoury salmon eggs benny from the brunch section and my wife had a fruit laden waffle from the breakfast menu. Perhaps the best part was the waffle itself, which was light. A lot of waffles leave you feeling heavy. Enjoy the unedited […]

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Kits Beach Pool Opens Victoria Day Weekend

Kits Beach Park Pool opens every Victoria Day weekend and for the first time in years, I managed to catch it when it was the long weekend and it was warm enough. The trick with opening weekend is to stay in the water once you are in the water and, when out of the water, return yourself to the sun to heat up. Shade is not a thermally suitable place. Kits Pool has this wonderful combination of very long lane lengths so that the people wanting a workout can get one, but also with nice shallow areas for kids to […]

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John’s Place on Pandora

About three years ago I compiled a list of breakfast spots in Victoria that I wanted to try. (See This year I lucked out and we got a seat at the popular John’s Place at 723 Pandora Ave in downtown Victoria. It’s a funky place that opening in 1984. The walls are covered with memorabilia of all sorts with a focus on sports. You could look at the walls all day. Our server was a feisty lady who quite wisely recommended a lavender latte to my wife and daughter, which they thoroughly enjoyed. My son is a smoothie snob […]

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